Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guitar Hero for DS

There is, for Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero: On Tour coming out sometime this summer which you strap only into the GBA GamePak. Strange? Indeed. You use the touch screen to strum only, coming with a guitar pick just for the occasion. Into the GamePak you put the buttons you will use to play this game. This is called the Guitar Grip. Only four buttons are used, though, due to the small size of the DS. So, less challenge for those who want it. I thought it would be really hard to hold it because you would have to lift your fingers, I would assume, to restrict playing accidental notes. But! There is a strap to put around the back of your hand. Very useful I would say. I suggest waiting for reviews on this game before buying it ASAP! It looks fun, but for $49.99 you just gotta wait. Here's a somewhat helpful video from GameStop. A preview from IGN and one more from GameSpot. Last one is from Nintendo.


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