Monday, April 7, 2008

What Do You Think?

Well, everybody seems to be raving about what Handheld gaming system the should buy. Nintendo DS Lite or the Sony PSP. At first I thought it would be so great to have a PSP after I got my DS Lite. But now I'm not so sure. They are pretty darn great but very pricey. In itself it costs at least $120 more then the DS Lite at about $250. The games average out to be about $40 while the DS Lite has $30-$35. The PSP has Internet, a massive screen, music, videos, radio, TV (if paid for), and obviously many games. But overall they are way more expensive. The DS Lite is about $130 and is roughly the size of the PSP's screen. But the D.S. stands for Dual Screen meaning it flips open to make a bigger more interesting looking device. the top screen is a "look at" screen while the bottom is a neat little touch screen! In most games the menu on the starting of each game is placed on the bottom screen making an easier way to select things. You can shoot, swing swords and battle through perilous adventures in both Handhelds. The rest is up to YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

Fang... it's stevo, and i'm not so sure about the price of the psp. i have one and it cost me only $165 and it was brand new, so i kinda disagree.